Why Chemistry?

What sets us aparts:

  • All courses (lab and lecture) are taught by faculty.
  • Four semesters of undergraduate research are required for BS majors. 
  • Students have opportunity to attend and present at conferences.
  • Embedded tutors in general and organic chemistry (first year of the curriculum).
  • Students have the opportunity to attend seminars from chemists in academia and industry.

Scholarships available:

Chemistry Scholars (Need and Merit Based)
• 4-years of tuition support up to $10,000 for 3-4 students
• Early Undergraduate Research Opportunity between Freshman and Sophomore year
• BS or BA chemistry majors

NC GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Scholarship (All Need and Merit based except one per year that is merit based only)
• $4000/year of scholarship for 4 years.
• $4000/summer for two summers (soph-junior, junior-senior) of research.
• $2000/year for academic year research for junior and senior years.
• Travel funds provided each year to attend conferences.
• Available to BS Chemistry or Biology majors only.

Pisgah Scholars
• The Pisgah Scholars program is a comprehensive scholarship program offered first-time applicants who have applied to UNC Asheville by the early action Admissions deadline (November 15th). Students are considered for admission into the Pisgah Scholars program if they meet some or all of the following criteria necessary for demonstrating excellence as members of the UNC Asheville community:

  1. Academic excellence, as demonstrated by a high grade point average during high school or above average scores on the SAT or ACT.
  2. Interest in or passion for an academic program offered by UNC Asheville.
  3. Extracurricular engagement.
  4. Exemplary community service or community leadership.

Pisgah Scholars are renewable for up to 4 years (eight semesters) provided student maintains the specified minimum grade-point average (GPA) of 3.00, remains full-time in each semester and does not have a break in student's enrollment.