Mission & Student Learning Outcomes


The mission of the Department of Chemistry is to support the mission of the university by employing the chemistry curriculum as a context for providing the undergraduate liberal arts education of superior quality.  Through its curriculum and efforts, the faculty of the Chemistry Department:

  • Foster scholarship and creative activities
  • Prepare students for meaningful careers and professions
  • Develop women and men of broad perspectives, who think critically and creatively, and who communicate effectively
  • Promote interdisciplinary approaches
  • Encourage respect for differing points of view and heritage
  • Provide training to facilitate a safe working environment for faculty, staff, and students

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to utilize modern chemical principles, state-of-the-art instrumentation, and chemical information to:

  • Describe and analyze the chemical and physical structure and reactivity of matter, the mathematical models describing matter, and the methods of characterizing and measuring properties of matter
  • Demonstrate problem-solving and self-directed learning skills by evaluating a research topic in chemistry, completing an extensive search of related, published literature, and completing a high-quality multi-semester research project that results in a written and an oral report summarizing the project
  • Develop their interests and abilities beyond the classroom and be able to discuss the relationship of chemistry to society and to their own lives (i.e., discuss the character of chemistry as a humanistic activity that results in the application of these principles to their profession, either in chemistry-related fields, in teaching, or continuing in graduate or professional schools)