Amar Nath

Research Professor
Robinson Hall 245, CPO #2010








  • Agra University, Agra, India: Chemistry and Physics, B.S. (1948)
  • Agra University, Agra, India: Physical Chemistry, M.S. (1950)
  • Moscow State University, Moscow USSR: Physical Chemistry, Ph.D. (1961)
  • Agra University, Agra, India: Solid State Chemistry, D.Sc. (1970)

About me

  • Research Professor:  2005-present, Department of Chemistry, UNC at Asheville, Asheville, NC
  • Professor Emeritus:  2005-present, Department of Chemistry, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
  • Professor:  1970-2005, Department of Chemistry, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
  • Visiting Scientist:  1995, Centre d’Études de Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  • Visiting Scientist:  1995, Departments of Chemistry & Physics, UC at San Diego, San Diego, CA
  • Visiting Scientist:  1981-1982, Institute of Chemistry, Nuclear Research Center, Juelich, West Germany
  • Visiting Scientist:  1972, 1974, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, UC at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
  • Visiting Chemist, Calvin Research Group:  1967-1969, Department of Chemistry, UC at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
  • Visiting Chemist, Libby Research Group:  1966-1967, 1969-1970, Department of Chemistry, UC at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
  • Group Leader at Chemistry Division:  1961-1966, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Bombay, India
  • Fellowship Awardee, Indian Ministry of Education:  1958-1961, Moscow State University, Moscow, USSR
  • Research Associate:  1951-1958, Chemistry Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Bombay, India

Selected Publications 

1.             A. Nath, K.S. Venkaterswarlu and J. Shankar, "Kinetics of Isothermal Annealing of Radiation Damage in Szilard-Chalmers Reaction with Cobalt Complexes.  Tris-acetylacetone Cobalt (III)", Proc. Indian Acad. Sciences XLVI, 29 (1957).

2.             A. Nath and S.B. Srivastava, "Preliminary Study of the Kinetics of Isothermal Annealing of Radiation Damage in Szilard-Chalmers Reactions with Tris-glycine Cobalt (III)", J. Inorg. Nucl. Chem. 7, 143 (1958).

3.             A. Nath, S.B. Srivastava and J. Shankar, "Study of the Possibility of Preparation of High Specific Activity Co-60 Through Szilard-Chalmers Reactions", Proceeding of the Second International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, Geneva, 20, 58 (1958).

4.             J. Shankar, K.S. Venkateswarlu and A. Nath, "Recoil Effects of Co-60 in (n, ) reaction in Tris-acetylacetone Cobalt (III), Proc. Symp. Chemical Effects of Nuclear Transformations (Prague IAEA), 1, 309 (1961).

5.             J. Shankar, V.G. Thomas and A. Nath, "Recoil Effects of Co-60 in (n, ) Reactions in Potassium Tris-oxalato Cobalt (III) and Tris-oxine Cobalt (III)", Proc. Symp. Chemical Effect of Nuclear Transformations, (Prague IAEA), 1, 383 (1961).

6.             A. Nath, "Behavior of Recoil Cobalt Atoms Resulting From (,n) and (n,2n) Reactions in Cobalt Complexes", Proc. Symp. Chemical Effect of Nuclear Transformations, (Prague IAEA) 1, 335 (1961).

7.             A. Nath and An. Nesmeyanov, "Recoil Effects Accompanying 57Co(n,2n)58Co Reactions in Cobalt Complexes", Radiokhimiya 4, 122 (1962).

8.             A. Nath and An. Nesmeyanov, "Recoil Effects of Co-58 Resulting From (,n) Reaction in Cobalt Complexes", Radiokhimiya 5, 125 (1963).

9.             A. Nath, K.A. Rao and V.G. Thomas, "Oxygen-Effect in Thermal Annealing of Recoil Damage in Cobalt Chelates", Indian J. Chem. 2, 231 (1964).

10.          A. Nath, "Exo-electron Emission and Annealing of Recoil Damage", Indian J. Chem. 2, 232 (1964).

11.          A. Nath, K.A. Rao and V.G. Thomas, "Oxygen Effect in Annealing of Recoil Damage in Cobalt Chelates-Tris-acetylacetone Co(III) and Bis-salicylaldehyde triethylenetetramine Co(III) Chloride", Radiochim. Acta. 4, 162 (1965).

12.          J. Shankar, A. Nath and S.P. Vaish, "Role of Water of Hydration in the Annealing Behavior of Neutron-Irradiated Tris-Dipyridyl Co(III) Perchlorate, Trihydrate:, Radiochim. Acta 4, 162 (1965).

13.          A. Nath, S. Khorana, P.K. Mathur and S. Sarup, "Isotopic Exchange in the Solid State and Thermal Annealing of Recoil Damage in Cobalt Complexes.  A New Model", Indian J. Chem. 4, 51, (1966).

14.          K.A. Rao and A. Nath, "Influence of Electron Accepting and Donating Ambient Atmospheres on the Thermal Annealing of Recoil Damage in Cobalt Chelates-Bis- Salicylaldehyde Triethylenetetramine Cobalt (III) Chloride, Hydrate", Radiochim. Acta 5, 162 (1966).

15.          S. Sarup and A. Nath, "Annealing Behavior of Low Temperature Neutron-Irradiated Trisacetylacetone Cobalt (III) in Electron Accepting (oxygen) and Inert (nitrogen) Ambients", J. Inorg. Nucl. Chem. 29, 299 (1967).

16.          A. Nath and S.P. Vaish, "Studies on Thermal Annealing of Neutron-Irradiated Trisdipyridyl Co (III)Perchlorate. Redistribution of Electrons Among the Donors", J. Chem. Phys. 46, 4660 (1967).

17.          S. Khorana and A. Nath, "Effects of Added Electron Donor and Acceptor on the Solid State Exchange in 57Co++-Doped Tris-Dipyridyl Co(III) Perchlorate, Trihydrate", J. Phys. Chem. Solids 28, 1081 (1967).

18.          A. Nath, R.D. Agarwal and P.K. Mathur, "Mössbauer Studies on Electron-Capture After-Effects in Tris-Dipyridyl 57Cobalt (III) Perchlorate", Inorg. and Nuclear Chem. Letters 4, 161 (1968).

19.          A. Nath, M. Harpold, M.P. Klein and W. Kundig, "Emission Mössbauer Spectroscopy for Biologically Important Molecules--Vitamin B12, Its Analogs, and Cobalt Phthalocyanine", Chemical Physics Letters 2, 471 (1968).

20.          S. Khorana and A. Nath, "Thermal Annealing and Thermal Exchange in a Few Neutron Irradiated and 57Co++ Doped Ethylenediaminetetraacetate Chelates, Respectively", J. Inorg. Nucl. Chem. 31, 1283 (1969).

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