Clubs & Organizations

Student Members of the American Chemical Society

UNC Asheville’s ACS Student Chapter is affiliated with the American Chemical Society, and is a part of the Western Carolinas local section of ACS. You have the opportunity to join as a student member and take part in National Chemistry Week, Chemists Celebrate Earth Day, Science Olympiad and more. See Dr. Heard for details on ACS.

Aspiring Health Care Professionals

Many Chemistry students also participate in Aspiring Health Care Professionals. The goals of the Aspiring Health Care Professionals group are to stimulate an appreciation of the value of a health pre-professional education and subsequent health care career; to encourage campus and community service among these students in activities with improved health, well being and understanding of others, and of current issues in human health; to promote cooperation and contact between health professionals and pre-professional students and educators; to provide a forum for students with similar interests to gather and to explore more in-depth their interests in specific health professions fields; to use its knowledge and student member’s participation to help benefit health organizations, the campus, and local community; to encourage academic, clinical, service and social excellence among UNCA pre-health professional students.

Neuroscience Club

Neuroscience minors and other students with an interest in the field can participate in UNCA’s Neuroscience Club, a platform to foster community among neuroscience enthusiasts at UNCA with the goal of promoting awareness and understanding of neuroscience as a field, on campus and in the community, through professional development, community and outreach.

Women in STEM

The Women in STEM club seeks to build a stronger network of women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) across the university; do outreach at local elementary/middle/high schools in Asheville; and promote and encourage cross-departmental collaboration on STEM-oriented research, strengthening not only the system of women in STEM on campus, but tying together the STEM departments as a whole.