Welcome to Chemistry

Degrees offered by the Department of Chemistry prepare students for advanced studies in chemistry and related disciplines such as medicine, pharmacy, or veterinary science, and careers as chemists in government, industry, and teaching. Our curricula reflect the standards set by the American Chemical Society (ACS), which are accepted by virtually all chemistry departments at competitive colleges and universities across the country.

Because the department is small, Chemistry majors receive a good deal of individual attention from faculty and have laboratory experiences not usually available in undergraduate courses. In addition, majors perform research, an experience which develops independent and creative thinking as part of their studies.

The Chemistry Department at UNC Asheville is a place for individuals seeking a personal and lasting education in chemistry. You will not find a single class taught by a teaching assistant, but rather a faculty member who will not hesitate to bend over backwards in order to facilitate student learning. These same faculty also serve as dedicated mentors in the explorative learning process that is the undergraduate research program, extending learning in chemistry beyond the classroom. I came all the way from Ohio to be a part of this department and it is a decision that has given me the foundation to study chemistry almost anywhere at the next level. - Ben McDonald, Class of 2012